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US Dekhockey Federation provides the foundation for the sport of Street Hockey in America, it helps young participants become leaders and promotes a catalyst for sportsmanship and fair play for the sport at all ages and abilities. We have been involved in the creation of may programs and rinks across the U.S. 

The US Dekhockey Federations primary emphasis is on the support and development of emerging street hockey programs. Its innovative development platform provides associations nationwide with a blueprint for age-appropriate athlete development. Always a leader in safety and player development, the US Dekhockey Federation furthered the enhancement of those efforts by publishing the Official Street Hockey / Dekhockey Regulations Rule Book.

While Youth Dekhockey is our main focus, we also have excellent junior and adult Dekhockey programs that provide opportunities for participants.

The US Dekhockey Federation has certification programs for coaches and officials to ensure standards are met that coincide with the level of play and sportsmanship expected from our organization for today and tomorrow’s athlete. A large focus is put on parent education and participation with rules of the game and parental roles in youth sports in today’s society.

As the Offical Governing Body for the sport of Dekhockey in the United States, we are responsible for organizing and training Men’s and Women’s United States teams for International events, including the World Ball Hockey Championships in 2013 Toronto Canada; 2014 Budapest Hungary, 2015 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, 2017 Prague Czech Republic & 2018 Nitra, Slovakia.

Team USA Ballhockey
Ballhockey Team
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